Not Your Ordinary Supermarket


Setting the standards for food while letting us set the standards for their fixtures. Whole Foods Market let us know what they need while giving us the creative freedom to create it how we please. From letting us explore the limits of reclaimed wood and serving beer on little old school skateboards, Whole Foods Market knows how to keep it fun!



Bright Unique Artwork For A Laid-Back Modern Hotel


Using reclaimed wood for this project was a pretty fun experience. SurfJack asked us to create one of a kind wood art pieces for each room. We turned a pretty large amount of "trash" from old homes and businesses, from here in Hawaii, to have a new life as wall art.



A retail store for artists and creative minds alike


Mori is awesome! A gift shop showcasing all local vendors with an array of different mediums. We have had the opportunity to feature items in theirs store as well as help build out their new location.

cutting board
Light fixture