an(other) office remodel

We were asked to remodel another office! We love remodeling! For this remodel, we made a custom L shaped floating desk and brackets, and a cabinet shelf on the wall lined with reclaimed flooring and its connecting floating shelves (brackets for those were purchased). 

We loved the reclaimed wood on the shelves, and decided to tie it in across the room by lining the cork board with it on both the top and bottom. Note: we weren't trying to make anything look like bricks, but we DID want to capture the essence of an old brick wall kind of falling apart.  

To get more of that old brick wall texture we added some fun paint to the back of the wall. Would anyone be interested in a DIY on how we painted it? We would love to make one! Stay posted. 

And in case you were wondering what the office looked like pre-Retrospect... here it is:

Doesn't the room feel so much bigger now?