Return of the Honda

This bike has tumbled and rolled through the hot Vegas deserts and sped through the I-215 on cool nights.  This was my first motorcycle, which I got even before I knew how to ride a motorcycle. I didn't know what I was getting myself into: the fun! The feeling of operating a piece of machinery while having the motor right beneath you is exhilarating, yet very serene simultaneously. Because of this bike, my memories and introduction to the cycling world make me feel like I have learned how to fly, a long way from my first moments on the bike: fumbling over the gears, and coasting away behind dealership so the workers wouldn't see me.

This little single cylinder is a peppy fun bike to ride; yet, with only 230cc and all corked up, it's still a blast to race from light to light. Looking for a city bike that can hit the dirt without hesitation and only cost a dull penny to fill up at the gas station, I knew this was the bike for me.

This Honda CRF230 has just returned to me on the island of Oahu awaiting it's new adventures, I have been waiting to rebuild this bike since day one! And underneath all the plastic junk and dirt bike flare I see Honda's classic look and set up hasn't changed a whole lot, just modernized. So I feel it will be the perfect base for what I have in mind.

I now have this bike all broken down (which turned out to be a quicker task than I imagined). With the wires labeled to avoid confusion later and miscellaneous items set aside, I am only left with the essentials. All I have to do now is put it back together. Just if it only took as long as it did for me to rip it apart...


Sitting now is the blank canvas awaiting it's new attitude.